Resource Allocation Workshops

Seminars are taught in an interactive workshop style. Each student is requested to bring a laptop computer equipped with Microsoft Excel and an external mouse. Over the course of four to five days, the student will build an integrated Excel workbook containing all of the necessary mathematical formulas to conduct a resource allocation study at their agency. A thorough explanation of each step in the allocation process is provided by the instructor using a PowerPoint presentation that coordinates with the student's handbook. After discussing the underlying theory for each formula, the student is guided through the process of building the formulas into their spreadsheets. At the conclusion of the seminar, the student will leave with their completed handbook, a completed Excel spreadsheet, and a better understanding of the task that lies before them.
    For agencies choosing to take a team approach, we will conduct the same seminar at your location to maximize the results and reduce the agency's cost of travel. Past clients have assembled teams of 10 to 20 people representing their command staff, human resources, IT, MIS, and budgeting departments. If only portions of the presentation are needed at your agency, we can customize the length and contents of the presentation to suit your agency's immediate needs.
    If your agency is interested in holding an in-house workshop or hosting a workshop for law enforcement managers in your area of the country, contact us using the "Contact Us" link. We will send you information on hosting requirements, advantages, and responsibilities and work with you to best meet your needs.