Distant Consulting

Some agencies choose to conduct their resource allocation study themselves following our training and simply need a "coach" when they experience difficulty. We work with agencies on an as-needed basis, making site appearances when requested to review and redirect their process along the way.

Etico Solutions has developed a web-based data collection tool to assist agencies with collecting time-on-task data. Many agencies find that their current CAD systems are unable to provide the information needed to determine the time spent by their officers on obligated tasks. The Online Daily Activity Report is available for installation on the independent agency's computer servers or can be run from Etico Solution's servers.

Officers access the Online Daily Activity Report through a common web-browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and enter their activity straight from their in-car computers (Internet access is required). Upon submission, their activity is transferred and stored on the server in the application database. With all data being transferred immediately and stored in a single database, agency administrators receive up-to-the-minute results of the officer activity and can export all activity at any time to their desktop in Microsoft Excel format (or .csv for alternative spreadsheet programs).

With the proliferation of web conferencing and teleconferencing options, distant consulting has become a more viable means of project management and collaboration. By reducing travel times and allowing participants to dial in from any location, projects can move more swiftly at a lower cost of completion.